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The Gestor Befektetési Zrt. (seat: 1124 Budapest, Bürök utca 34-36., company registration number: 01 10 046209, email: info(at)gestor(dot)hu) is the operator of the website you visited (hereinafter: Website).

We set out the basic rules in connection with the Website as follows:

The Website or any website – directly accessible from here – and all content thereon shall enjoy copyright protection; their use in any form shall be possible solely with the prior written permission of the Gestor Befektetési Zrt.

The information and data appearing on the Website or any website – directly accessible from here – are solely of informative nature, the Gestor Befektetési Zrt. shall not take responsibility for the completeness and accuracy thereof and shall not be liable for the accidentally occurring damages, which arise from the use of the websites, the inappropriate operation and the malfunctioning thereof and which stem from the delay of the transfer of the information, computer virus, system error or other similar reason.

For the sake of personalized service, the Gestor Befektetési Zrt places a small data package (so-called “cookie”) on the computer or mobile device of the visitor of the website (hereinafter: Website). The purpose of the cookie is to ensure the highest possible standard of operation of the Website, to provide personalized services, to improve the user-experience.

The visitor of the Website can delete the cookie from his/her own computer and may set up his/her browser so that it prohibits the application of cookies. For further information in connection with this please visit By prohibiting the application of cookies, the visitor takes notice that the website does not operate fully without the cookie.

The Gestor Befektetési Zrt shall not use the information stored by the cookies for the identification of the visitor of the Website.

The following cookies are applied on the Website:

  • Session cookie (SESSIONID) - Purpose: supporting the Website’s certain functions related to the user’s workflow of the website.

The Gestor Befektetési Zrt. keeps all data, fact and information concerning the person and data of its clients and the visitors of the website confidential.

Comments regarding the website can be sent to the e-mail address: info(at)gestor(dot)hu.