Our Story

  • GESTOR Real Estates, the effective and hands-on Investor in Hungary, Spain and Portugal.
  • GESTOR holds (in the beginning of 2020) over 40 leased assets, including retail/office, logistics and smaller hotel units as well
  • GESTOR Real Estates is a privately-owned real estate investment firm focused on building portfolio of cash-flow properties in 3 European countries such as Hungary, Spain and Portugal
  • GESTOR oversees a portfolio in Hungary and the Iberian peninsula offering sustainable rental-returns.

GESTOR is considered to be the agile and proactive Investor that is active in the niche segments where the ticket sizes are too small for the big and too big for the small Investors. GESTOR’s prime focus is the small-mid size commercial properties with stable tenants, but in some cases we are also acting as co-investors in residential developments.

Our Corporate Values

  • Local Expertise: We understand our business and maintain a local presence on our markets.
  • Sustainability: Joined-up thinking means planning customer relations and value creation for the long haul.
  • Integrity: GESTOR is a group of 6 private investors that have placed their trust in each other and decided to grow together with a very structured and stable background.

GESTOR Real Estates is a pro-active direct-investment company, able to maintain high occupancy rate on its properties by carefully choosing the properties and the tenants. Our diversification is maintained by ensuring that our exposure both in the tenant’s sector, type and its geographical locations is well organized. The key focus is investing in Hungary, however, in order to maintain the diversification of our investments we have assets in Spain and Portugal as well. Based on our investment policy we will continue to invest in properties in the territory of the European Union. Currently our overall investment portfolio has a net asset value of €60 million. (Q1 - 2020) We are very proud of our achievements, please take a close look to our properties listed in our book.