Péter Gerő

Founder of GESTOR, board member of Gestor Befektetési Zrt. author of several Real Estate books and is the head of the Faculty of Property in the Corvinus University of Economics in Budapest.

András Gerő

Board member and Chief Executive Officer of Gestor Befektetési Zrt. András oversees the Investment activity of the group in Portugal, Spain and in Hungary as well.

Márton Luczáti

Chief Operating Officer of the company, responsible for the operation of the companies and assets located in Hungary of the group. Márton is also taking care of the business development of GESTOR in Hungary.

Krisztina Szabó

Krisztina Szabó has a bachelor and a master degree in economics from Corvinus University of Budapest. During her master studies she started her career at GESTOR as an intern. As of January 2018 she is responsible for property management at GESTOR Investment Plc.