Location: 3501 Miskolc, Corvin u. 8-10. Fszt. 3.


Extreme Digital was started in 2001 by two young Hungarian entrepreneurs. Recognizing a new trend, the small business took up with the spread of online shopping. In 2005 they opened their flagship store in Mammut shopping center, and it remains their centerpiece to this day. From 2006 they set about establishing nationwide expansion, as well as stockpiling a growing amount of products. By 2007 their website attracted over 20000 visitors per day, and with stock investment from Swissowned SoftCon Informatik AG the business turned into a shareholder group. Meanwhile the company expanded internationally, opening Extreme Digital online stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2010, then Romania in 2011, Croatia in 2013, Bulgaria and Slovenia in 2014. The company received a SuperBrands award in 2013. E-Digital Zrt. had an annual income of 23.7 Bn HUF, and offers better prices in 8 out of 10 products compared to competitor Media-Markt.



  • excellent position near busy thoroughfare
  • very good interior design (former tenant was MKB Bank)
  • E-Digital entirely refurbished and customized the store
  • prime utilization alternatives
  • currently commands excellent stats
  • tenant has no competition in the area


The property is located at a well accessible point of central Miskolc, on the ground floor of a multi-storey condominium building. The property has exceptional interior design due to years of operation as a branch office of MKB Bank, and remains suitable for similar future utilization. Several businesses and offices operate in its proximity, including a major office of OTP Bank.

Property type Retail unit
Tenant Extreme Digital
Start of lease 2015. 05. 01.
Duration 3*3 years
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