Sándor Ökrös, chairman of the board at Gestor Investment Plc, has been majority owner of the group since 2011. Formerly manager of Ikarus Zrt’s (Hungarian bus manufacturer company) Moscow office, then owner of Daidalos Rt. parts manufacture and distribution company among the top 100 corporate taxpayers in Hungary. During the ‘90s Mr.Sándor Ökrös founded a Budapest property development firm today called as ISTER Group, proprietors of several 10,000 m2 residential and office space in Budapest.

Péter Gerő Phd. MRICS MBA is board member of Gestor Investment Plc, real estate economy specialist; vice president of Hungarian Real Estate association between 2003 – 2006, “Real estate personality of the year” for 2001. Responsible for state property as manager of Belvárosi Irodaház Kft, later specialized in property development and sales, as sales director at OTP Real Estate Plc (owned by the largest Hungarian bank OTP) and CEO of Central European University Plc. 1999-2007. Chairman of the board at PILLER property fund managing Prudent Invest Plc. 2002-2006. Péter Gerő is the author of several Real Estate books and is an active lecturer in the Corvinus University of Economics in Budapest. Péter Gerő is managing Gestor Group since 1990.

András Gerő MRICS MBA started University in France – Nice Sophia Antipolis graduates Budapest College of Economy in 2002 and earns MBA certificate at Central European University. Starts career as real estate agent in Spain in 1998. During University, developed a sales-structure for selling properties in Spain and in France for Hungarian private residential investors. Co-founder of Hungary’s biggest residential property sales franchise structure Otthon Centrum Group. After selling its shares in Otthon Centrum ( in early 2007 he is co-founder of GESTOR Investment Fund and Asset management Plc. Managing Partner of GESTOR Investment Plc. since 2011.

Márton Luczáti has a bachelor degree in finance from Corvinus University of Budapest. During his studies he started his career at GESTOR as project manager. From 2012 to 2014 he was working at Deloitte Hungary as an international tax consultant. In 2015 he moved to Milan, Italy to earn a master degree in International Business at University Cattolica. While he lived in Italy he became the project coordinator of the Hungarian participation of the International World Exposition – EXPO2015, Milan. As of January 2016 he is responsible for business development at GESTOR Investment Plc.

Nándor Horváth has a bachelor degree in economics from Corvinus University of Budapest. During his studies he started his career at GESTOR as project manager. As of January 2016 he is responsible for property management at GESTOR Investment Plc.

GESTOR Real Estates is an investment group focusing on real estate investments.
The group was founded in 1990 and is now focused on property investment in Hungary, Spain and Portugal.