Real Estate Investments

GESTOR Investment Plc. is a pro-active direct-investment company, able to maintain high occupancy rate on its properties by carefully choosing the properties and the tenants. Our diversification is maintained by ensuring that our exposure both in the tenant’s sector, type and its geographical locations is well organized. The key focus is investing in Hungary, however, in order to maintain the diversification of our investments we have assets in Spain and Portugal as well. Based on our investment policy we will continue to invest in properties in the territory of the European Union. Currently our overall investment portfolio has a net asset value of €10 million.

Our annualised IRR of 13-17% per annum (pre-tax and after costs) shows the capability and knowledge of our business. GESTOR Investment Plc. is dedicated in active property investment activity. We use our intellectual capital to find and deliver sources of outperformance for your investment portfolio throughout Europe. We take a global view of property and combine it with local expertise. A disciplined investment process based upon innovative research enables GESTOR to enhance returns not only at country and sector level but also in the selection and management of assets.

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Other Investments

At GESTOR besides Real Estate Investments we focus on new opportunities that could make a difference. We have investments in different segments and sectors from hostel operation to a web shop for organic goods.




GESTOR Real Estates is an investment group focusing on real estate investments.
The group was founded in 1990 and is now focused on property investment in Hungary, Spain and Portugal.